Self-Cooling Cosmetics

The new mechanism of skin aging has been revealed. It is well known that ultraviolet light affects the aging of the skin, but it is relatively recent that it may cause skin aging too even when the skin temperature is above a certain level. Recent studies have shown that the temperature of the skin rises rapidly, the enzymes that degrade collagen in the dermal layer increase, promoting the decomposition of collagen and elastic fibers, resulting in skin aging.

In fact, we are inevitably exposed to various artificial heat sources in our daily lives. (saunas, hair dryers, etc.) Therefore, in addition to protecting the skin from the natural sun light in the summer, it is highly recommended to care for skin temperature every four(4) season.

Icetec has been modified high-speed cooling technology for years to come up with self-cooling cosmetics. Unlike self-chilling cans, consumers are able to keep using cooled cosmetics at every time they pump it. Therefore, no more extra cooling device is required to get cooled cosmetics. Simply push the button and get cooled cosmetics right away! Protect your skin with the latest cooling technology!