About Us


Starting with the first development of self-chilling technology for canned beverages in 1985, Icetec has been working on research and development of extreme high-speed cooling technologies for consumer goods. While conventional cooling technologies have been focused on home appliances and industrial applications, we have been attracting worldwide attention by developing a portable self-chilling technology for consumer goods that promotes consumer convenience dramatically.

We have achieved the world’s fastest cooling speed to complete the cooling within 20 seconds, which has exceeded the limit of existing self-chilling technologies for canned beverages. We also developed and launched self-cooling cosmetics for the first time in the world together with one of top Korean cosmetics companies.

In the future, we will do our best to expand the application of self-cooling technologies beyond beverages and cosmetics. By pursuing various changes in the form of business promotion, we will become a global leader of self-cooling technologies for consumer goods.