Self-Chilling Can

Icetec is proudly presenting its proprietary self-chilling technology for canned beverages, which is able to complete the whole process of cooling in less than just 20 seconds. Indeed, it is the fastest cooling ever in the world! Due to the difficulties of developing self-chilling cans, only few competitors are still working all around the world. Among them, no other company can achieve the cooling in such a short time like Icetec. Therefore, the related industry recognizes our technology as an innovative case that overcame the limit of self-chilling technologies.

Technical Features
  • 1. No refrigeration: No refrigeration or ice is required to enjoy cold drinks! It is also helpful to save energy because it does not need a long-term refrigeration to get cold drinks.
  • 2. Super-fast cooling: Unlike other competing companies who have been claiming that they can chill a beverage within (3) three minutes, Icetec's technology can do it in just 20 seconds! We are ready to revolutionize the beverage industries.
  • 3. Convenient portability: Consumers do not need a refrigerator or an icebox for cold drinks. They can simply carry beverage cans with ease and enjoy cold drinks at anytime and anywhere they want.
  • 4. Pro-Environment: We are using an environmentally friendly coolant from a world-renowned supplier. No other coolant can satisfy a condition of OPD=0, GWP<1 at the same time. (ODP: Ozone Depleting Potential, GWP: Global Warming Potential)